Secular plants and relaxation

As evidenced by documents of that period, in the late eighteenth century Count Rovereti, digging a 60 meter deep well to irrigate his fields, he met by chance, a natural hot water source. Immediately used for therapeutic purposes, this water was examined and described in 1816 by Ciro Pollini as normal water for its transparency, taste and smell but with a constant temperature of 42°.

A source that belongs to a single hydrothermal system that follows the well-known fracture of the earth’s crust between Sirmione, Colà di Lazise and Domegliara and, along the way, has more sources of hot  water.

The Villa is surrounded by Italian style gardens and by a large park with old trees in which is possible to relax or play sports thanks to the presence of tennis court.

The source of hot water, supports the underfloor heating system of the houseing, allowing a considerable energy saving.