Apartments and Villas

A project of restoration and renovation of the Villa and its environment led to the construction of 27 housing units and 2 villas, with full respect and maintenance of the established structures and of the existing historic features.

The housing options we offer are complemented by prestigious finishes and materials, in full respect of the environment and of the historical background of the Villa, for example:

  • High-quality materials for floors,windows and doors
  • Floor heating with water warmed from geothermal sources
Central air-conditioning
Intrusion detection system
  • Satellite TV system
  • Domotic electric system
  • Houses wiring
Internal lifts of latest generation

On the outside there are:

  • Italian gardens and park with old trees
  • Tennis court in synthetic grass
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Scenic small lake inside the park
  • Parking lot and underground garages